Tom Cape



Tom started his career building e-commerce solutions during the dot-com boom. In 2004 Tom moved into the broadcast space to become Launch Programme Manager for ‘Sky Anytime’, responsible for the launch of the first iteration of ‘Sky Go’ and Sky’s first mobile VoD app.

On leaving Sky in 2006, Tom founded Capablue as a specialist solutions agency in response to the convergence of TV and internet and the emergence of VoD. In the early days at Capablue, Tom served as Launch Manager for 4oD (Channel 4) and CTO for Project Kangaroo for The BBC, ITV and C4.

Since Project Kangaroo, Capablue have successfully launched a number of cloud-based services for high-profile brands including UKTV, Marks and Spencer, Curzon Cinemas, EMI and The BFI. Today, Tom and the team at Capablue remain as pioneers of the industry, recently developing cutting-edge, advanced ‘Cloud UI’, ‘Second-screen’ and ‘Operator in the Cloud’ solutions for broadcasters and operators around the globe.

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